About Us

SLAAM Ventures (SLAAM) was created to support entrepreneurs located in Savannah and the surrounding areas in accelerating their ideas and products by providing i) investment capital, and ii) mentorship including practical business guidance.

Why we are – Savannah Lowcountry Angel and Mentor Ventures.

For decades now, the civic leadership of Savannah and organizations such as Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA), Historic Savannah Foundation (HSF) and The Creative Coast have focused on creating, through restoration and innovation, one of the most diverse, picturesque, artistic and livable cities in the United States. This livability combined with the world-class, higher education institutions that make their home in and around Savannah, such as Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Georgia Southern and Savannah State, results in a young, creative and energetic talent pool like few others in the region.

At SLAAMvee, we believe that Savannah is infused with a critical mass of energy and talent in the areas of media, technology, art and design. However, 2 important catalyst ingredients are in much shorter supply 1) readily accessible investment capital, and 2) professionals who have been through the startup ringer time and time again and who are willing to provide their time and share their experiences.

Our mission is to identify and support local entrepreneurs who possess the creativity, drive, work ethic and commitment to greatness that makes them able to take an idea, turn it into a prototype and see it through to the product stage resulting in a viable and profitable business.