About Us

SLAAM provides entrepreneurs with the two most important outside contributions a startup requires – capital and practical business guidance.

You may want to call us a seed capital fund, angel investors or an accelerator. We are not concerned with how we are labeled but rather how we can help you achieve your goals. Early stage investing is risky business. This isn’t just about data, projections and due diligence (although all of those things play a role), it is about recognizing unique ideas and, more importantly, identifying the individuals who can execute on those ideas and take them from just ideas and turn them into a products that can impact the users, consumers and, yes, even the world.

The capital we provide is meant to assist you in developing a working prototype, executing a product launch or proving a concept in order to prepare a pitch package to raise that next level of funding. We also recognize that you are entrepreneurs and startup companies are fluid and unpredictable by nature. As your product evolves, you will be continuously reassessing your financing needs. We’re prepared to ride along with you through several seed rounds while you continue to progress and advance your product(s) and business strategies.

Capital is just one necessary component in building a business; another is H-E-L-P. This, frankly, is the part we look forward to most. We are here to actively assist you with the basics, such as; helping to determine what type of corporate entity best suits your current and future needs, working with lawyers, accountants and investors, negotiating for office space or hiring those first employees. Importantly, we will be there to assist you in answering the critical questions too, like “how exactly am I going to leverage my product to help me accomplish my goal of world domination.” This is not to say that we are the overbearing types. We are not your parents and we are not your bosses. We are your investors and your partners. We will provide as much or as little input as you need. Ultimately our appetite for future investment with you will be determined by your performance and the achievement of your stated goals.

Depending on funding amounts, stage of investment, the risk profile of your concept and projected growth curves, our start-up investments are between $10,000 and $100,000 and our equity participation ranges from 5% to 25%.