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Amy Factor

Amy Factor, with more then 30 years of business experience (the “Elder” SLAAM partner) enjoys working with high energy, creative people who have innovative business ideas and visions of greatness. This was the driving force that in 1996, led Amy to found AFO Capital Advisors. Since that time, she has been providing both public and private companies with a wide breadth of business services and guidance that, at times, transformed into interim CFO and CEO positions. In addition to having raised well over a combined $100 million for a variety of companies, Amy was instrumental in a number of M&A activities in the pharma and telco arenas, and provided a wide scope of counsel to companies related to their strategic efforts, business development and fundraising.

Prior to starting AFO Capital, Amy served as the Executive Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of a publicly-traded biopharmaceutical company which focused on oncology. She began her career at one of the Big Four accounting firms where she secured her CPA and also spent some time in the late 1980’s in the film and television industry as the CFO of a publicly traded indie film company.

Amy is actively involved in a number of charitable organizations including serving as the Chair of the Advisory Board of the Center for Jewish Life at Duke University, Amy her husband and their oldest child received their undergraduate degrees from Duke University. Never afraid of hard work or a demanding schedule, Amy went on to earn her MBA from Rutgers University while working the crazy hours of a staff person in public accounting. Amy is an avid golfer and red wine fan, not necessarily in that order nor necessarily enjoyed at the same time.