About Us

We welcome the opportunity to look at all business opportunities that fall into one of the broad categories of media, technology, art and design.

We seek entrepreneurs with a focus on media, technology, art and design, with the operative term being technology. While we are all for the better mousetrap, we don’t want to meet your Uncle Bubba who claims to actually have built the better mousetrap. Unless, of course, Uncle Bubba has (i) 397,811 Twitter followers (all of whom he manages through TweetDeck) and who happen to be in the market for a better mousetrap, (ii) figured out a seamless global strategy through virtual distribution centers, and (iii) created a mousetrap that converts, through a mobile interface, into a better rat trap so that it can be introduced into the New York and Parisian markets. Of course we still believe that there are great non-tech products and ideas out there, but we also believe that all new products need to embrace some facet of technology, whether that facet is mobile apps for reach and distribution, social media for growth and awareness, or straight ahead technology-based, disruptive solutions.

Given our combined backgrounds, covering new and old media, technology, biotech, medical device and art & design, you should figure out how to position your company/project to make us stand up and take notice. So, if you can bring an energy and a drive for success in these areas or, even better, the intersects of these areas, then you are our guy or gal.

We welcome the opportunity to look at all business plans and ideas that fall into one of the broad categories of media, technology, art and design and we will determine quickly if a) it is an idea that we can get behind, and b) whether we can be value added in a way that transcends the capital we provide. And, if you have an idea that doesn’t fit into one of these buckets, send it along anyway. With a larger goal of helping to grow industry organically throughout Savannah and the Lowcountry, we will be generous with our time and who knows, you just may convince us that Uncle Bubba is, in fact, on to something.

Bottom line? We are seeking committed entrepreneurs who are fearless, possess boundless energy and who believe that they can turn their dreams into a reality. If you possess these qualities you are well on your way and we want to help by providing the resources that make it a little easier for you to achieve your goals…

And change the world!