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The best path to success is not always the straightest

Products, markets, branding and distribution are, often times, puzzles. Determining how to fit them together relies on tiny tweaks, turns and twists. But once you get them to a place where they marry, it is like listening to really good music – it just sounds, feels and works right.

The problem that a lot of entrepreneurs face is that they are so deep in the weeds working on their product, fundraising, sales and marketing, etc. that they often lose sight of the fact that they need to constantly be evaluating and revaluating all of these critical elements and, most importantly, looking at them from fresh perspectives.

Good managers stop – often – and take the time to determine if the path/product/market they are pursuing is appropriate given the economic environment and prevailing conditions in which they find themselves. They constantly ask themselves and others around them, whether or not their plans and strategies are still appropriate and relevant. They seek a continuous stream of feedback.

This not to say that you should be flip in your decision making or untrusting of your gut and decisions you have made to date. It is to say, however, that it is imperative that you keep an open mind, remain objective and be fearless about altering your course if that is the right thing to do.

And, of course, if you want our help in gaining a fresh view on something on which you are working, just ask us. We promise that we will respond and give you truthful and objective feedback.

October 12, 2012 |

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