The ‘Next Big Thing’ might be, well, boring…

Yes, of course we all want to invent or invest in the “Next Big Thing”. We have visions of our name in lights next to a Facebook-like logo with 1 billion people using our technology to tell their closest friends what they ate for dinner last night and whether or not it caused them gas. Or, beaming pictures of our cute little toddler doing something that only the sender cares about.

Sexy, right? Maybe.

The point, according to this WSJ article, is that sure, sexy is cool. But so is boring. Workaday things that just make information, people and stuff move more efficiently is pretty damn sexy. Especially to investors. Savannah’s a port town. It’s got a major aerodynamics company (oh, you know who you are). That’s a lot of stuff that needs to be moved and made to run more efficiently.

So when pondering how you are going to change the world, its not always about an app for your phone that determines whether or not the person next to you thinks your hot based on their pheromone reading (wait, that’s a pretty good idea). Sometimes ‘The Next Big Thing” is just about, well, being boring.

September 27, 2012 |

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